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Sather Jewelry’s “Your Anniversary Sale”

Celebrate Love and Commitment with Sather Jewelry's "Your Anniversary Sale"

Don’t miss your chance to commemorate your special day with the most anticipated sale of the year—Sather Jewelry’s “Your Anniversary Sale.” This unique offer is available only until this Saturday at our Downtown Spooner location. Whether you’ve been married for one year or fifty, this sale is designed to celebrate your love and commitment.

Here’s how it works: you get a 1% discount for each year you’ve been married. For example, if you’ve been married for 10 years, you get 10% off on your purchase of any in-stock pieces. It’s our way of saying thank you for letting us be a part of your love story.

Interested in something truly special? One of our featured product for this sale is a video showcasing an intricate pendant by Frank Reubel, that captures the essence of love and commitment. It’s not just a piece of jewelry; it’s a work of art that symbolizes your unique bond.

Our “Your Anniversary Sale” is exclusively available at our Downtown Spooner location. Don’t miss the opportunity to make this anniversary even more memorable.

Visit us in-store or contact us through our contact page to earn this limited-time offer.

Time is running out! Head to Sather Jewelry in Downtown Spooner before Saturday to take advantage of our “Your Anniversary Sale.” Let us help you celebrate your years of love and commitment with a piece that’s as unique as your relationship.

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